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Here are some tips for creating your own modern farmhouse plant room

A potting room is a great addition to any modern farmhouse

This guide is going to help you create a modern farmhouse-style potting room for all your gardening needs so that they can drain properly.  I will tell you how to make the perfect potting table, what tools are ideal for your needs, and where exactly you should put them.

If you’re anything like me then gardening is an integral part of your life.  My husband and I have always had a great interest in gardening so we started to create our own little slice of paradise within the perimeter of our home.  We bought some beautiful plants, created a serene outdoor space, and started to cook with our fresh bounty.  However, I quickly realized that having a functional potting room was going to be a necessity for my ever-growing garden.

How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Potting Room

Get the Modern Farmhouse Design Look

First, let’s start with the potting table.  It helps to know what type of material you like and what style goes well in your room before you begin construction.  If you prefer wood then a simple wooden top will work.  However, if you want something more modern then I suggest using reclaimed pallets and covering them in a nice solid wood look.  If you like the look of marble then buy faux marble and create your own tabletop masterpiece.

Second, depending on how much gardening equipment you have will depend on what tools will work for you.  A few things that I’ve found useful are good shears, good gloves, fertilizer, a nice big bucket to store seeds, and a variety of tools to make transplanting easier.

Thirdly, you should choose where your potting room will be located.  It helps if it’s close to the part of the garden that you will most frequently use.  If it is close then you’ll find yourself spending more time outside with your plants which is what you want.

After following these simple steps then sit back and relax as your green thumb begins to flourish from all the great soil from your brand new farmhouse-style potting room!

A potting room can be a great addition to any modern farmhouse.

So there you have it, a Farmhouse Potting Room. It’s a stylish addition to any home, and the easy-care aspect of indoor plants makes it a great way to decorate your house long-term.

If you want to recreate this Farmhouse Potting Room in your own home, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Start with an architectural drawing so everything is measured out properly before you start building anything. Make sure the space is large enough for all of the furniture pieces to fit in properly. You don’t want any accidents! By starting off on paper, you’ll avoid costly errors during construction.
  • Be mindful about what types of materials are used throughout this Farmhouse Potting Room. Natural surfaces like wood are lovely to work with, easy to clean, and wide-open spaces are perfect for letting light in.
  • Install recessed lighting that focuses on the immediate task at hand without any harsh rays or shadows that could compromise your vision. Farmhouse Potting Rooms are meant to be inviting, so you want people who visit to feel welcome and comfortable at all times.
  • Finish off this Farmhouse Potting Room by picking out the perfect accessories for this space, whether it’s a plant stand or some modern wall art. Farmhouses have an earthy sensibility about them, so it only makes sense that you’d choose pieces that reflect nature as well. Farmhouses are supposed to feel natural after all!


1. Start by choosing light and airy color palette for the walls and furnishings. Shades of white, beige, and gray work well in a potting room, as they create an airy and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Opt for furniture with clean lines and minimal details. This will help to keep the space feeling spacious and uncluttered.

3. Add in touches of nature throughout the room. Plants, flowers, and baskets of fresh produce can all help to bring the outdoors inside.

4. Install plenty of natural light if possible. A sunny potting room is ideal!

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